Who Am I?

Hello my lovely readers,

thanks for stopping by and I hope you are doing fine and enjoyed the weekend. (maybe also the Super Bowl :)) At least I did and Seattle played a fantastic game. What a great defense. And too bad for Manning – he is a great QB, but it wasn’t his best day or it wasn’t the best day for the whole team. Continue reading “Who Am I?”


Cute Collars!

Hi everyone,

first of all – I’m really feeling better now and so be prepared for some regular posts. 😉  Continue reading “Cute Collars!”

Midi Skirts


it’s me again. 🙂 This time I’m going to write about Midi Skirts and how to wear them. There are different kind of midi skirts. Puffy, sleek, high-waisted and so on… I’m sure a lot of you guys have already one or two midi skirts in their closets. If not – maybe it’s time to get one. 😉  Continue reading “Midi Skirts”

It’s Autumn – Time For Tights

Hello everyone,

it’s autumn, it’s October, it’s my birthday month and it’s time for some tights! I love the summer, but I also love the autumn, because I love to wear tights. And there are so many great ones.  Continue reading “It’s Autumn – Time For Tights”

Angela & Roi

Hey my lovely ladies and gentlemen,

this time I want to introduce you a great brand for handbags. The brand is called “Angela & Roi” and it was founded by a couple – Angela Lee and Roi Lee. Their relationship is the most important part in their life’s, so they named it “Angela & Roi”.  Continue reading “Angela & Roi”

You’re looking lovely today!

“I really love your new dress! It’s so beautiful!”

“Your new hairstyle looks amazing!”

“Oh my God! I love your nails!”

“WOW! I just love your new jacket!”  Continue reading “You’re looking lovely today!”

Girls, men hate your wedges!

Hey my lovely followers and everyone else who reads the blog!! 😉

Girls, according to a new survey 79% of men in a relationship pay attention to the shoes of their girlfriends/wife’s. And 71% hate your wedges! To be honest – I’m kind of surprised. 🙂  Continue reading “Girls, men hate your wedges!”