Fashion Beauty Style – My Online Newspaper

Hi everyone!

I just made my own personal newspaper last day. It’s all about Fashion, Beauty and Style. You can find there news from all important webpages like Vogue, InStyle, and a lot of other pages.

Just check it out. You can also find videos and pictures there. Everyday new stuff! Hope you like it!

Fashion – Beauty – Style

Wish you a lovely day!!

– Miss Uschi


Welcome to my Blog!!!


Welcome to my Blog! Here I will post everything I can think of. Some thoughts about some stuff I just read, some new pictures of myself, what am I doing and also pictures of my holidays. Sometimes some Fashion stuff and sometimes some Girly Stuff. Maybe also some funny videos. I don’t know how the blog will grow and let’s see where it goes. 😉

I hope you enjoy it here and I hope I will be able to post on a regular basis!

I wish everyone a lovely day! Enjoy it!


Miss Uschi!!! 🙂