Vivetta – New Collection

Hello my lovely readers,

long time no post – again – sorry for that, but I just saw the new collection of Vivetta and I thought this is a perfect collection to start again on my blog. Continue reading “Vivetta – New Collection”


Midi Skirts


it’s me again. 🙂 This time I’m going to write about Midi Skirts and how to wear them. There are different kind of midi skirts. Puffy, sleek, high-waisted and so on… I’m sure a lot of you guys have already one or two midi skirts in their closets. If not – maybe it’s time to get one. 😉  Continue reading “Midi Skirts”

Berlin Fashion Week 2013 – Lena Hoschek

Hey everyone!

It’s Fashion Week in Berlin and a lot of designers show off their collection. One of them is Lena Hoschek from Austria. I really love her style. When you see her clothes you think of the 50’s, nice petticoats, wide dresses, flowers and so on.  Continue reading “Berlin Fashion Week 2013 – Lena Hoschek”

Result of a Shopping Spree

Hi everyone!!

Today I was shopping with such a lovely friend. We had a great time! 🙂 If you read this – thanks again for the nice time. Looking forward to next shopping spree! 😉 Continue reading “Result of a Shopping Spree”

Maxi Skirts


If you want something really trendy this summer you have to wear your maxi skirt. If you haven’t one – go on and buy one. 😉 You can wear the skirt in so many ways and it always looks so sexy. You either can wear it to the beach, to lunch, dinner or even if you want to go out. There are so many ways to combine it and so many occasions where you can wear it. Continue reading “Maxi Skirts”

Looks at Coachella Festival 2013

Last weekend there was the Coachella Festival in Indio. A lot of stars were there and they wore some nice outfits. Here are some pictures of them. You can find a lot more outfits at
Enjoy it!!!
– Miss Uschi Continue reading “Looks at Coachella Festival 2013”