Ladies – show us your shoulders…

Hey everyone,

I hope you are doing great and are enjoying the spring? The weather is getting better and better. Warmer and warmer. Time to show us your shoulders! Right – the trend you can’t miss this summer are sexy off-shoulder tops. Continue reading “Ladies – show us your shoulders…”


W7 In The Buff

Hey my lovely readers,

this time I want to show you the “In The Buff” eye shadow palette. A lot of you will know the famous Naked palette from Urban Decay. W7 is a dupe of the famouse palette. Continue reading “W7 In The Buff”

Starting over…

Hello my lovely readers,

it really has been quite a while I wasn’t posting anything. Due to universtiy, my work and my private life. Now I’m thinking about starting over with this blog. Continue reading “Starting over…”


Who Am I?

Hello my lovely readers,

thanks for stopping by and I hope you are doing fine and enjoyed the weekend. (maybe also the Super Bowl :)) At least I did and Seattle played a fantastic game. What a great defense. And too bad for Manning – he is a great QB, but it wasn’t his best day or it wasn’t the best day for the whole team. Continue reading “Who Am I?”


New Year – New Goals

Hi everyone,

it’s my first post in this new year. I hope you are all doing great and had a lovely time with your friends and family. 🙂  Continue reading “New Year – New Goals”


My Birthday Gifts


this time I want to share some birthday presents. First I want to say thank you to everyone!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and the gifts!! THANKS!! 🙂  Continue reading “My Birthday Gifts”


Future Eyes


In August I received a package from “Future Eyes” and they sent me a pair of amazing glasses. It’s not a normal pair of glasses, no, it’s a eyewear with multi-faced lenses designed to enhance the mental capacity of anyone who chooses to wear them.  Continue reading “Future Eyes”