Who Am I?

Hello my lovely readers,

thanks for stopping by and I hope you are doing fine and enjoyed the weekend. (maybe also the Super Bowl :)) At least I did and Seattle played a fantastic game. What a great defense. And too bad for Manning – he is a great QB, but it wasn’t his best day or it wasn’t the best day for the whole team. Continue reading “Who Am I?”


Welcome to my Blog!!!


Welcome to my Blog! Here I will post everything I can think of. Some thoughts about some stuff I just read, some new pictures of myself, what am I doing and also pictures of my holidays. Sometimes some Fashion stuff and sometimes some Girly Stuff. Maybe also some funny videos. I don’t know how the blog will grow and let’s see where it goes. 😉

I hope you enjoy it here and I hope I will be able to post on a regular basis!

I wish everyone a lovely day! Enjoy it!


Miss Uschi!!! 🙂