W7 In The Buff

Hey my lovely readers,

this time I want to show you the “In The Buff” eye shadow palette. A lot of you will know the famous Naked palette from Urban Decay. W7 is a dupe of the famouse palette. Continue reading “W7 In The Buff”


Starting over…

Hello my lovely readers,

it really has been quite a while I wasn’t posting anything. Due to universtiy, my work and my private life. Now I’m thinking about starting over with this blog. Continue reading “Starting over…”

Who Am I?

Hello my lovely readers,

thanks for stopping by and I hope you are doing fine and enjoyed the weekend. (maybe also the Super Bowl :)) At least I did and Seattle played a fantastic game. What a great defense. And too bad for Manning – he is a great QB, but it wasn’t his best day or it wasn’t the best day for the whole team. Continue reading “Who Am I?”

Douglas – Box of Beauty


Yesterday I got my package of Douglas – it’s the new Box of Beauty. I just want to show what’s in it and I already tried out the mascara. Anyway. Here you go. 😉  Continue reading “Douglas – Box of Beauty”

Right Way To Use Sunscreen


Today I saw a very interesting article published by the Huffington Post. It’s about eight sunscreen mistakes you’re probably making. Some of them are true and I think there are a lot of people who don’t know it. Maybe it can help you. First here is the link to the article:  Continue reading “Right Way To Use Sunscreen”

Fashion Beauty Style – My Online Newspaper

Hi everyone!

I just made my own personal newspaper last day. It’s all about Fashion, Beauty and Style. You can find there news from all important webpages like Vogue, InStyle, Fashionista.com and a lot of other pages.

Just check it out. You can also find videos and pictures there. Everyday new stuff! Hope you like it!

Fashion – Beauty – Style

Wish you a lovely day!!

– Miss Uschi