Vivetta – New Collection

Hello my lovely readers,

long time no post – again – sorry for that, but I just saw the new collection of Vivetta and I thought this is a perfect collection to start again on my blog. Continue reading “Vivetta – New Collection”


Result Of A Shopping Spree Part 2


everyone knows it’s SALE time. Every shop in the city or online offers great pieces for few money. So I just want to show you guys some of my new stuff.  Continue reading “Result Of A Shopping Spree Part 2”

Cute Collars!

Hi everyone,

first of all – I’m really feeling better now and so be prepared for some regular posts. 😉  Continue reading “Cute Collars!”

Outfit Of The Day #3


It’s time again for a new “Outfit Of The Day” post. Hope you like it! 🙂 I was in the mood for a lovely polka-dot dress and here it is. What do you think about it? Do you like it? Continue reading “Outfit Of The Day #3”

Outfit Of The Day

Hey everyone!

Okay, this is my first “Outfit Of The Day” post – as I don’t know if you want to read and see such kind of posts, I just give it a try. 😉

I bought this dress yesterday and I thought I would show you guys this one today on my blog. It’s kind of a OOTD post. It was just €6 and it is pink and as pink is my favourite color – I just had to buy it. 😉

Below you can find some pictures. Hope you like them. Maybe I’ll add some more later, after I’ll have a coffee with a friend.

Wish you all a lovely day!
– Miss Uschi


Hallo meine Lieben!!

Sooo… Dies ist mein erster “Outfit Of The Day” Beitrag. Ich weiß gar nicht ob ihr daran Interesse habt (außer die liebe Lara ;)), aber hier ist zumindest mal ein Versuch. Ich weiß – die Bilder sind noch ausbaufähig.

Ich habe das Kleid gestern bei C&A für nur 6 Euro gekauft und da musste ich es einfach nehmen. Da Pink ja wirklich meine Farbe ist. Ich liebe sie. 😉 

So, nun könnt ihr euch ein paar Bilder davon ansehen. Eventuell kommen noch ein paar Bilder, wenn ich mich mit einer Freundin auf einen Kaffee getroffen habe. Mal schauen. 

Ich wünsche euch auf jeden Fall einen wunderschönen Tag!!!
– Miss Uschi


Floral Dresses


still don’t have that much time, but here is a short post. 😉 I was shooting a video today and a beautiful woman walked by with a lovely floral dress, so I decided to write a post about floral dresses!  Continue reading “Floral Dresses”

You’re looking lovely today!

“I really love your new dress! It’s so beautiful!”

“Your new hairstyle looks amazing!”

“Oh my God! I love your nails!”

“WOW! I just love your new jacket!”  Continue reading “You’re looking lovely today!”