Vivetta – New Collection

Hello my lovely readers,

long time no post – again – sorry for that, but I just saw the new collection of Vivetta and I thought this is a perfect collection to start again on my blog. Continue reading “Vivetta – New Collection”


Ladies – show us your shoulders…

Hey everyone,

I hope you are doing great and are enjoying the spring? The weather is getting better and better. Warmer and warmer. Time to show us your shoulders! Right – the trend you can’t miss this summer are sexy off-shoulder tops. Continue reading “Ladies – show us your shoulders…”

Mango’s new Collection #NewPrices


this is my first fashion post after a very long time. I just read today that Mango is hosting a new collection which is called #NewPrices and it is going to be way cheaper than their normal collection. Continue reading “Mango’s new Collection #NewPrices”

Result Of A Shopping Spree Part 2


everyone knows it’s SALE time. Every shop in the city or online offers great pieces for few money. So I just want to show you guys some of my new stuff.  Continue reading “Result Of A Shopping Spree Part 2”

Cute Collars!

Hi everyone,

first of all – I’m really feeling better now and so be prepared for some regular posts. 😉  Continue reading “Cute Collars!”

Spring 2014 – NY Fashion Week Part 2


this is part 2 of the my NY Fashion Week post. You can see my favorite dresses of the last two days in this post. Again there are a lot of pictures, but I’m sure you will like them. Take a look.  Continue reading “Spring 2014 – NY Fashion Week Part 2”

Spring 2014 – NY Fashion Week

Hey everyone!

Today it’s going to be a big posting with a lot of pictures. As there is the Fashion Week in NY – I just had to take a look at the shows. I will show you a lot of dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, and so on which I love! I will be posting more pictures in the next few days, as there are going to be some more shows.  Continue reading “Spring 2014 – NY Fashion Week”