Ladies – show us your shoulders…

Hey everyone,

I hope you are doing great and are enjoying the spring? The weather is getting better and better. Warmer and warmer. Time to show us your shoulders! Right – the trend you can’t miss this summer are sexy off-shoulder tops. Continue reading “Ladies – show us your shoulders…”


Result Of A Shopping Spree Part 2


everyone knows it’s SALE time. Every shop in the city or online offers great pieces for few money. So I just want to show you guys some of my new stuff.  Continue reading “Result Of A Shopping Spree Part 2”

Cute Collars!

Hi everyone,

first of all – I’m really feeling better now and so be prepared for some regular posts. 😉  Continue reading “Cute Collars!”

Floral Dresses


still don’t have that much time, but here is a short post. 😉 I was shooting a video today and a beautiful woman walked by with a lovely floral dress, so I decided to write a post about floral dresses!  Continue reading “Floral Dresses”

Denim Vest / Jacket

Hey my lovely followers!

Sorry, that I wasn’t able to post anything in the last two weeks, but I had sooo much to do, but I hope you are all doing great! I still have a lot to do, so I’ll keep that one short. 😉 Continue reading “Denim Vest / Jacket”

Maxi Skirts


If you want something really trendy this summer you have to wear your maxi skirt. If you haven’t one – go on and buy one. 😉 You can wear the skirt in so many ways and it always looks so sexy. You either can wear it to the beach, to lunch, dinner or even if you want to go out. There are so many ways to combine it and so many occasions where you can wear it. Continue reading “Maxi Skirts”

Playsuits – Yes or No?

Summer is coming closer and closer and it’s time for some short skirts, dresses, hotpants or PLAYSUITS! 🙂 Well, at least you can find them in many stores and it looks like it’s going to be trendy. Playsuits – Denim look or other styles. There are a lot of various designs. Continue reading “Playsuits – Yes or No?”