Hello my lovely readers and followers,

first I want to wish you a lovely day! Now let’s talk about a new Instagram Hashtag. Marc Jacobs started a #MalePolish trend or hashtag on Instagram. Every Monday he posts a new picture from his manicure. Johnny Depp or Jared Leto also painted their nails, so he isn’t the first man who paints his nails, but he created again a trend and maybe more and more men are brave enough for a lovely manicure. Continue reading “#MalePolish”


Starting over…

Hello my lovely readers,

it really has been quite a while I wasn’t posting anything. Due to universtiy, my work and my private life. Now I’m thinking about starting over with this blog. Continue reading “Starting over…”

4 Months – No Post – What’s going on?

Hey my lovely ones!

My last post was four months ago. Such a loooong time and I’m really sorry for that, but I was/am quite busy. I’m writing on my bachelor thesis, have to write 3 essay’s, exams and a lot of work is going on. So I’ll keep you a little bit up to date. 😉  Continue reading “4 Months – No Post – What’s going on?”

Result Of A Shopping Spree Part 2


everyone knows it’s SALE time. Every shop in the city or online offers great pieces for few money. So I just want to show you guys some of my new stuff.  Continue reading “Result Of A Shopping Spree Part 2”

Who Am I?

Hello my lovely readers,

thanks for stopping by and I hope you are doing fine and enjoyed the weekend. (maybe also the Super Bowl :)) At least I did and Seattle played a fantastic game. What a great defense. And too bad for Manning – he is a great QB, but it wasn’t his best day or it wasn’t the best day for the whole team. Continue reading “Who Am I?”

Merry Christmas

Hello my lovely readers,

it’s christmas time. The last few weeks I was really busy. Had to work a lot, had to write 3 essay’s, prepare 2 presentations and had 4 exams. Finally the december is over and I’m glad the holiday’s are coming and I can relax a little bit.  Continue reading “Merry Christmas”