Hello my lovely readers and followers,

first I want to wish you a lovely day! Now let’s talk about a new Instagram Hashtag. Marc Jacobs started a #MalePolish trend or hashtag on Instagram. Every Monday he posts a new picture from his manicure. Johnny Depp or Jared Leto also painted their nails, so he isn’t the first man who paints his nails, but he created again a trend and maybe more and more men are brave enough for a lovely manicure. Continue reading “#MalePolish”


W7 In The Buff

Hey my lovely readers,

this time I want to show you the “In The Buff” eye shadow palette. A lot of you will know the famous Naked palette from Urban Decay. W7 is a dupe of the famouse palette. Continue reading “W7 In The Buff”

Box of Beauty August


In August it was time for a new Douglas Box Of Beauty and I was able to get one again. One day before I left for my holiday I got the package and there were some great products in it. Below you can see what it was in the Box!  Continue reading “Box of Beauty August”

You’re looking lovely today!

“I really love your new dress! It’s so beautiful!”

“Your new hairstyle looks amazing!”

“Oh my God! I love your nails!”

“WOW! I just love your new jacket!”  Continue reading “You’re looking lovely today!”

Douglas – Box of Beauty


Yesterday I got my package of Douglas – it’s the new Box of Beauty. I just want to show what’s in it and I already tried out the mascara. Anyway. Here you go. 😉  Continue reading “Douglas – Box of Beauty”

Right Way To Use Sunscreen


Today I saw a very interesting article published by the Huffington Post. It’s about eight sunscreen mistakes you’re probably making. Some of them are true and I think there are a lot of people who don’t know it. Maybe it can help you. First here is the link to the article:  Continue reading “Right Way To Use Sunscreen”