How I Met Your Mother – Season 8 Finale

Hi guys!

If you haven’t seen the Season Finale – this post could have Spoilers for you. So, don’t read on. 😉 


How I Met Your Mother



Two days ago I watched the Season Finale of How I Met Your Mother and I was kind of disappointed, but just because of it ended with a cliffhanger and there are a lot of open questions. 😉 How should I wait until September to find out what will happen next? Well, we had to wait 184 episodes until we finally see her. Too bad I did see the picture on Facebook first. Oh – I was soooo angry. 😀 But what will happen next?

Let’s start with “The Mother”. Am I the only one, who thinks she looks like a mixture of Lily and Robin? 😉 Well, “The Mother” is being played by Christin Milioti. I haven’t seen her before, but she looks really cute and can’t wait to see more of her. Christin mostly played in theatres until now. She had a small role in 30 Rock, but there she was blonde. Anyway – she is kind of completely new to the tv market. To be honest – I thought they would choose a famous actress – so I’m kind of surprised. 🙂 But it’s way to soon to tell if she is the right choice. We will see. What do you think about her?

Move on to Ted – If we wouldn’t know that he will meet his future wife at the wedding, the scene with Lily and him in his house would’ve been heartbreaking. Sooo touching. I think I would have cried. 😉 He would move to Chicage, because “The One” is living in NY with his best friend. He wouldn’t be able to see them happy together as a married couple. Poor Ted – but gladly we know, he will also be happy soon! 🙂 Anyway – I really loved the scene with him and Lily. It was so great!

Barney and Robin are so cute together. I just loved them in this finale episode of the 8th season. They looked so happy! Glad for them! 🙂

I am also excited how Marshall will tell Lily about his new job as a judge. And how will she react? She was just so happy about moving to Rome. What will happen with them? I am so curious. But I think they are moving to Rome. What do you think?

So – what could happen in Season 9? My predictions are, that the end of the final season will be Ted’s wedding. And during the season we will see some scenes of “The Mother” how she almost met Ted. But well, she hasn’t. But until we know exactly what will happen the next season – we have to wait until September. 😦 Such a long time. 😉

Let me hear what you think about HIMYM and the season finale!

I wish you all a lovely day!!

– Miss Uschi

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