Fashion Beauty Style – My Online Newspaper

Hi everyone!

I just made my own personal newspaper last day. It’s all about Fashion, Beauty and Style. You can find there news from all important webpages like Vogue, InStyle, and a lot of other pages.

Just check it out. You can also find videos and pictures there. Everyday new stuff! Hope you like it!

Fashion – Beauty – Style

Wish you a lovely day!!

– Miss Uschi

2 thoughts on “Fashion Beauty Style – My Online Newspaper

  1. Great ideas! I’ve enjoyed reading your pages. Thanks for visiting and LIKING my blog, too! I noted your comments about PLAYSUITS being popular this year. They were really big in the 1950s – sometimes called rompers. As for blue shoes, I have a post of a pair of stilettos from the early 1960s that you might like on my blog – back a way. It’s only true vintage at my place! I hope you’ll visit often.

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